500 Internal Server Error from mirror1, mirror2

I’m getting 500 Internal Server Error when I try to pull modules for FreePBX 14. Both mirrors give this error.

Mirror servers are running just fine. How exactly are you trying to pull modules?

fwconsole ma installall or using the “Check Online” button on the web interface. The cli command just says “up to date” even though I only have a few of the base modules installed (doing a source install from tgz). Check Online gives this:

Warning: Cannot connect to online repository(s) (http://mirror1.freepbx.org,http://mirror2.freepbx.org). Online modules are not available.

But wireshark shows me the server is connecting to both of those just fine but getting the 500 error in response.

Not sure. @tm1000 ??


There was another issue involving those servers less than 2 weeks ago…


That time it was not an error 500, they were apparently not apparently responding…

They were apparently not down at the time either so maybe it’s some sort of routing, firewalling (or load balancing?) problem which is not affecting everyone…

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What is your PHP version?

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I believe you are asking that question because the PHP version is part of the URL used to retrieve modules…

Shouldn’t he get a 404 for this?

500 is usually considered to be an internal server error, not something which should normally be returned as an answer to an invalid client request… (I guess 401 would be good too…)

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PHP 7. This only affects when I try to get “all”. If I request an individual module, like fwconsole ma install conferences it works fine.

@jfinstrom asked you this question because PHP 7 is currently unsupported and will not be until a solution to replace what is currently used for the commercial modules is found… The product which is used to obfuscate the code of the commercial modules is no longer supported with PHP 7 by its manufacturer…

There are multiple threads about this…

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I understand; based on the wiki and what was stated elsewhere on this forum only official Sangoma distro supports commercial modules. I am interested in working with the non-commercial set only.

Then you are welcome to

but it might take a while before those issues are fixed…

There are apparently ways to have both PHP 7 and older running on the same box, it might be preferable for you to look at this in the mean time…

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Our mirrors do not recognise PHP 7+. So your options are to downgrade PHP OR figure out how to fake your PHP version ( I don’t know off the top of my head how to do this) The risk of “faking it” is some things may not be PHP 7 compatible. Things could be deprecated that we havent adjusted for.

PHP 7 breaking changes

“There is nothing stopping them from using FreePBX with PHP 7 and reporting issues to us…”

Actually, this situation with the mirror server puts a quick stop to using or even trying PHP 7.

@jfinstrom already gave you one of the ways around this…

Usage of PHP 7 has always been discouraged with FreePBX. This will change in the future but in the mean time you will have to go through hoops to make it work because it is currently unsupported…

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Are you one of the devs? Just curious.

I understand, and no, I won’t “fake it” because that’s a terrible hacky way of getting in trouble later. Since my attempts at using PHP 7 here seem to have been met with contempt, let me say that you guys know me; I’m not a slouch and will be glad to contribute what I find in terms of version incompatibilities and other bugs. Over the last several years I have come to strongly favor Debian and as we are now in the days of Debian 9 that ships with PHP 7 I would like to help keep everything on track.

Not offically, @Marbled is just a nice guy and great forum member/sometimes contributor.

That is correct. We do not support PHP 7 in clients to get modules from the server at this time

James and Tony are the only Sangoma employees (besides me) who have replied in this thread. I am not sure how any of their responses were ‘contempt(ful)’. They have pinged me and also provided work-around solutions. Can you please let me know exactly what you are referencing?

We know this. But it is a server issue we are aware of and currently not working on at this time.

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Not you guys… seems I have mistakenly read contempt into the "have a nice day"s…

That is how @Marbled (Nicolas) replies to every thread/topic. It’s just a thing he does to lighten the mood.

Here is the PHP 7 Mirror ticket https://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-14777

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Beside you and me everyone else in this thread is though… Even the post I referred you to is from a dev…

(You can recognize them from the small Sangoma logo at the bottom right of their avatar and some of the time their job titles…)

I am a programmer though and I understand the issues they are facing. I even was an open source dev on another application for over 6 years and my bread and butter mostly consists of programming…

Given time they will be able to address the PHP 7 compatibility of FreePBX but even for an open source project like FreePBX where there is also a commercial aspect things have to be prioritized…

The commercial aspect of FreePBX ensures that there is always people working on the project which is something which was very hard to achieve on the open source project I was working on…

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