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5.211.65-X to 6.12.65 upgrade script


You closed the issue
I assume that a new update script will delete the “recordings” directory, but in my case, I still have the “recordings” directory present and working.
What is convenient in my situation?
1)Leave the redirect statement to …/ucp in the index.php file?
2)Manually delete the “recordings” directory

I think that at the end of 6.12 beta testing, I will do a clean install, but in the meanwhile I need to keep my environment more reliable as possible (even if it is a beta :))

(Andrew Nagy) #84

Yes I closed it. I made the fix in fw_ari. Since you can’t download fw_ari you won’t be able to get the fix I made. It’s part of being in the beta cycle. I have no plans to fix this any other way.

You are fine doing what you are already doing.


The best thing I’ll can do will be to make a fresh install of freepbx 6.12 when you’ll release the stable version of it.
I read somewhere that I can migrate commercial modules only one time. Is it always true even for a system upgraded to a beta test environment?

(Tony Lewis) #86

You can reset your hardware lock twice. If the system is on the same hardware no reset is needed. If you need to reset more then 2 times it requires a support request to have us do it.

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