5.211.65-4 still showing in SysAdmin after upgade to version 13

There was an upgrade done a system to version 13. I believe the upgrade tool was used but something went wrong. I have got most modules up to date (13.0.x) but the main System Admin is showing 5.211.65-4
Any ideas why this is?

Also I don’t seem to have “asterisk-switch-version” binary file. Don’t seem to be able to install this via yum either

The upgrade tool only updates the GUI side of things. You need to do system updates to bring the system/kernel level stuff up to the proper branch.

Distro upgrade scripts can be run to bring you to current:

However, you are 5ish years behind, so I would not necessarily advise running updates in place to current, but to migrate your settings to a new install:

You are actually looking for asterisk-version-switch, but again, if you have a working system now upgrading asterisk is probably not wise on a 5.211 system.

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