5.211.65-11 no logging by default

Hi all, I have several fresh installs of the latest stable distro and none of them log by default. In the past there were entries in the logger for full and console logging. Is this something that is intentionally left up to the PBX administrator or just an oversight? It was handy to have the default logging there.

What version of Asterisk? Also do you have your verbose on inside asterisk CLI?

Thanks for the quick reply, it’s Asterisk 11.8.1

In my FreePBX Settings menu, Asterisk Logfile Settings shows no entries. There is also no /var/log/asterisk/full file.

Verbose gets reset to 0 when I log out of the asterisk console. If I manually add an entry for full with the default parameters in Asterisk Logfile Settings, the log files is created and starts capturing logs.

I just seems the entries are left out of the installation. The pieces are all there for it to work.

This would be a issue with FreePBX GUI. Open a bug report and pick logger as the module and someone can take a look why its not defaulting to creating those anymore.