487 Request Terminated

I have this annoying ‘487 Request Terminated’ on my sip-phone (incoming call).
Strange thing is that everything works OK according to the flow I have setup.
What happens is following:

  1. A call is made from an external phone to PBX.
  2. The caller choose from an IVR and is transferred to an ext.
  3. The ext. doesn’t pick up the phone.
  4. The caller is then transferred to ‘Follow-Me’ (No answer destination).
  5. *** Here I get ‘487 Request Terminated’ ***
  6. In Follow-Me the announcement works OK
  7. The caller is transferred to ‘Follow-Me List’ and the call is placed OK.
  8. *** Here I get ‘487 Request Terminated’ again ***

It seems that I get 487 when the call is transferred from IVR -> ext. (after 5 sec with no answer) and from Follow-Me -> Follow-Me List

What could be the reason ?
I have FreePBX 5.211.65-8

Bump …
We are going into production soon and would like to have this issue soleved.
Appreciate input …