404 Not found (modules//page..php)

Hello All,
I have created a new module named test,after installing it, i dont have menuitem of module in menu, and when i call admin/config.php?display=test i have this msg 404 Not found (modules//page…php).
Do you have any idea ?
Thank you.

You probably have not formatted the module.xml properly. As a minimum you need:
rawname, name, version and menuitems all properly formatted between xml tags. See an example here:

Thank you for your response , but my the file module.xml is valid :

test standard TEST FreePBX GPLv2+ Applications test test X X

Thank you so much lgaetz.
I want know only how i can create new sample module and add it in reports section.

Hello world is NOT a working installable module, it is only a guide for programmers. There are hundreds of places that have to be edited for it to do anything. If you want working installable modules, there are a bunch to pick from at http://pbxossa.org/files/

Nobody is going to debug your code from gui screenshots. If you upload the code to the 'net where we can easily view it, you might get some useful help.

Screen capture

Hello ,

I have downloaded HelloWorld module from https://github.com/POSSA/FreePBX-HelloWorld and i have installed this module.

But ,i have always same problem : 404 Not found (modules//page..php).freepbx cannot include page.helloworld.php !!.


Unless you are willing to share your code so we can view it easily, it is unlikely anyone can debug it based on what you have written.