$400 BOUNTY - "Outbound IVR" module + public PHP page

We are looking to create a FreePBX module and a local Apache/PHP page - combined to make an “Outbound IVR” app - that integrates with FreePBX/Asterisk/PHP.

We migrated to a FreePBX Distro installation of Asterisk/FreePBX/LAMP. We are currently running FreePBX and Asterisk

We used to have a SIP-based program that allowed us to dial an individual outside number through our SIP server and play a recording. We used it to send “credit card declined” notifications to customers. It has since stopped working and we have decided to abandon it.

We would like the same ability - except executed from a PHP web form and configured natively in FreePBX as a module. Here’s how we’d like the workflow to go:

-We install your module in FreePBX through Module Admin. The module should also be easily uninstalled without breaking FreePBX.
-It creates an item under Applications called Outbound IVR
-We also upload a PHP-based form (plus any required scripts you create) to the location of our choice on the Asterisk Apache server.
-Under the Outbound IVR module, we can create/delete different Outbound IVRs.

  • A configured Outbound IVR is essentially us choosing an existing IVR from within Applications → IVR.
    -From there, our users can visit the uploaded PHP page, enter the phone number (in 10-digit US local or international starting in 011), choose an Outbound IVR from the list of Outbound IVRs in a dropdown in the form, and the click Submit.
    -On Submit, the phone number is dialed. When the call is answered, the selected IVR starts playing and routes based on it’s configured workflow, just like it would if it were being processed on an inbound call. The called person should be able to input numbers, etc. just like a normal IVR.
    -On hangup, the call ends.

We’re offering a $400 bounty for the module to be created and proven stable… I know it’s not a lot, but someone might be able to make it happen, right?

Link to screenshots of desired outcome:

A quick glance at what you want and thinking about it compared to our commercial Appointment Reminder module or Broadcast module you are looking at a good 5000-8000 if not higher module. $400.00 would not even cover the time to spec out the project and what you want done. Sorry to be the bear of bad news. Just trying to set realistic expectations on what you want.

From a commercial standpoint, absolutely. Maybe there’s someone who just wants to make extra money.

The truth is, we don’t want the license and I don’t particularly care what happens after we have it - but I think it’s the kind of script that might be helpful for certain businesses. Maybe the developer could use the money and the time to develop it as a commercial product that people can purchase. The opportunities are endless - if there’s someone out there who wants to take it on, I’m here and the offer stands.

My guess is you won’t get any takers. A competent FreePBX programmer, who understands how to use the framework is can earn $150/hr, the good ones twice that.

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Looking at your website I see you have a history of undervaluing tech’s.

Flame on brother. Berns is old news - I’d be happy to show you around when you’re here next. Did you ever think this bounty wasn’t for me? Why the heck would my small time contracting business want an outbound ivr?

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I don’t know, you could build an “outbound ivr” for me…?

Believe me tampatech24, Nobody will build you what you want for 400 bucks. I speak as one who could, but your expectations are just not going to be realized for that price. I suggest tou start by upping the offer ten times, then see if there are any takers.

You might however want to spend your first 404 bucks on getting your web-site fixed first. It doesn’t bode well that it is completely broken at least for anyone doing business with you.


Reality bytes, no? :wink:

I’m not a programmer, network and systems guy.

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Hey just a quick follow up to the flame fest you guys put on about a year and a half ago… got it done for $400. Works perfectly.

Will NOT be sharing it with any of you. NO SOUP FOR YOU!

“TampaTech25!” -Battle cry

Thank you for so kindly supporting the open source community.