4 POTS lines (trunk group)


I’m quite new to FreePBX. I have 4 POTS lines coming through 4 OBi110s.
In FreePBX, these 4 OBi110s are set up as my trunks.

Now this is what I want to do.
I want to set up something similar to call groups for these trunks. Trunk Group I think they call it. So if a trunk is busy, it jumps to another trunk.

For a scenario like this, say, 3 lines are busy and another call is coming in to a busy number, I want it to automatically forward the call to the free trunk so that we can still attend the call. Is something like this possible with OBi110s?

Thanks in advance for your help.

What you’re looking for is a provider level feature, not a PBX/ATA config feature.

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For the provider end, you need a “hunt group” to be implemented on your four lines.

With the expense of setting this up ($40-ish per month just for the lines), is there a compelling reason to not convert your numbers to SIP and get rid of all of that extra hardware? It would also massively simplify your configuration, in addition to saving you a ton of money a year.

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Possibly, your service has a ‘call forward on busy’ feature that may work for you.

What country are you in? Who is the provider? How are the lines delivered (copper pairs from the central office, cable MTA, fiber ONT, etc.)?

I am not sure if it has that feature.

I am in Belize (Central America). Provider is Infinite Wireless and the lines are delivered copper pairs for now. We are thinking about upgrading to fiber but our provider does not offer that as yet.

Any idea of how I can do this?

Hunting has been available on analog lines for more than 100 years and your provider surely offers it. There may be an installation charge and/or monthly charges, possibly on a per line basis. It may be called a ‘hunt group’, ‘line hunting’ or ‘trunk hunting’. Whatever they call it, operation is the same. The customer dials your main number and the call is sent to the first available free line.

Call forwarding on busy is a different feature, available on most electronic exchanges. This also probably involves additional cost. There is often a limit on how many concurrent calls can be forwarded, so you may only be able to receive two or three concurrent incoming calls with this feature.

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Thanks for your reply. Well, there’s not really a compelling reason per se. I just wanted to use the equipment they already had here when I was hired.

I called my service provider and sure enough, they offer the hunt group feature you mentioned. I got through. Thanks for your reply.

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