3CX Trunk to FreePBX

Can we setup a trunk at FreePBX with 3CX extension credentials in order to receive and make calls ?



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Thanks for the reply.

I have seen these links.

So, there is no way to register 3CX’s extension to Asterisk without adding a thunk to 3CX?

Why are you asking about 3cx specific details in a FreePBX forum?

Because i am using FreePBX.

I am asking if its possible to create a trunk, with 3cx credentials at MY FreePBX installation, in order to handle incoming calls from a 3cx extension - without creating 3cx trunk.

I have created a trunk, i can make calls from this, but i got issues with incoming.

You think is the wrong place posting here ?

Most phones allow multiple accounts. Create two accounts on each phone, one from 3CX, a second to FreePBX. No trunk necessary.

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So, you suggest to configure the 3CX extension directly to a VoIP phone, and not FreePBX, right ?

If it works it suits me.