32bit to 64bit to V14 update strategy

Is upgrading from my 32bit system to 64bit a viable path to version 14?

Not really. You can try the update script, but no guarantees.

I’ve got one 32-bit system that hasn’t been updated (PIAX Red platform…) and I have no illusions that it’s going to go well.

In more detail, I was wondering if I can create a backup. Install the 13 64bit distro and then restore successfully?

I doubt that will work. If you manage to get the versions to match exactly, it might, but if it doesn’t, you are going to need a plan “B”.

If you are using a new install, why not using the conversion tool?

My impression from the documentation was that one needed a second system to use the conversion tool, if we are speaking of the same conversion tool. It seems to be referred to as the “conversion tool” which is not its full name so I am always uncertain if there is only one.
If it can create and save a config database and load it onto the new install, I think that would work well.

Aa dave said, there’s not big chances that everything should go smoothly after restoring on a new install.
To use the conversion tool you’ll need a second system. (it can be a VPS, run the tool, make sure everything works, run backup and restore on a new install, if this is what you want.)

I’m a little confused by this thread, the “backup” is effectively just a tarball

tar -tf thebackup.tgz

will show the content, it’s just a bunch of files,some are named *.sql (these are mysqldump’s) .

Otherwise, there is nothing in conflict with restoring these files and the intrinsic mysql restores if the source and destination machines are of the same “generation”, i.e. 13n to 13m or 14n to 14m, m and n dont need to be the same.

There is nothing architecture specific contained, If I am wrong, please post your quantified “restore session” that failed and what went wrong (didn’t work after doing that). . .

JM2CWAE as I have never had a problem with doing that.

Thanks Dicko, I asked the original question for the thread as I had not heard any suggestion of that method for addressing the 13/32bit to 14/64bit upgrade problem by moving from 13/32bit to 13/64bit then to 14/64bit via the upgrade script. It seems like a viable idea but I am seeking confirmation.

Yes take a 13 backup and restore on new 64bit 13 machine will work fine. Backups are not arch specific.

Thanks Tony, and is the 13/64bit script working well to upgrade to 14?

By the way, this link on the 13 to 14 module info page does not work for me:

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