32 bit 10.x to SNG7 on same hardware?

I have an old 32 bit FreePBX install on a little rackmount server that I need to upgrade to SNG7. I don’t mind a couple of hours downtime while upgrading, but I need to continue using the same hardware.

Is my best option to run a backup from within FreePBX web GUI, then reinstall and restore the backup? Will SNG7 restore a 10.x backup, or will I need to make sure I’m running a matching version of the 64, and restore to that before upgrading?

I gather the migration script is the preferred method, but I also gather this needs 2 machines. I can arrange this, but would need to run the migration twice… And I also want to keep the call history, which apparently needs to be done manually anyway.


That will depend entirely on how your "little rackmount server " responds to

cat /proc/cpuinfo

It’s fine. It’s a DIY one, not an ebay Chinese thing.

And what CPU does it have ?,that’s what I was asking and giving you the means to know.

And I said it’s fine. It’ll run 64. I built it. I checked that before embarking on the quest to know how to deal with the software.
It’s a J1900 if knowing that is a requirement to telling me whether the backup module is a better method than the migration script.

Then you will not have a problem using any possible method to move a 32 bit redhat based system to a 64 bit one :wink: you will need a mediary of some sort to do it and significant down time.

You cannot use the backup module to take a v13 backup and put on v14. You just can’t do cross-version backup and restores. You would need to get a second server and use the Conversion tool that would move stuff from the old v13 to the new v14 (SNG7) system. During this time you would not suffer any downtime on the v13 box as it is just moving files.

I guess you could try taking a full backup of distro 13 32bit, install distro 13 64bit, restore the backup, check that everything works a expected and then you can do an in-place upgrade to distro 14 64bit. Though it will be a long and maybe tedious process, you would be achieving your goal of upgrading in-place.

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Again, the best option for this is to use the Distro Conversion Tool. Setup a brand new box with the SNG7 Distro, follow the instructions in the link. It will take the current box and move/update the data to the new SNG7 box. Depending on how much data has to be moved, it can go as fast as 20 minutes once you start the tool.

The only thing the conversion tool doesn’t do is move any custom configs or files that are in “custom” directories like the System Recordings. So you will have to double check and maybe move a few things over by hand depending on how much custom stuff you have.

The OP clearly stated that he needs to reuse the same hardware. Conversion tool doesn’t apply to that scenario.

Well then disregard my last comment. Going to have to do this the long way as you pointed out. Make a backup, rebuild machine, restore from backup, use the update script.

the better solution would be to use different hardware as a temporary intermediary to get it to 14. Then once moved, make a new back and then install 14 on the old hardware and restore the new backup.

Doing something like this in place is just begging for things to break.

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