302 Redirect with FinArea or Betamax provider voipcheap

I am running 2.2beta2 - and problem started right around my upgrade.

I get a 302 redirect from VoipCheap and then a CHANUNAVAIL for that - it seems from the logs that it got redirected to Local/ - which seems wrong.

Any idea if this is a problem with voipcheap servers or with the latest freepbx?

Any help would be most appreciated.

Nov 13 07:32:19 VERBOSE[3376] logger.c: – Got SIP response 302 “Moved temporarely” back from
Nov 13 07:32:19 DEBUG[3376] chan_sip.c: Found 302 Redirect to extension '001650980XXXX’
Nov 13 07:32:19 VERBOSE[8303] logger.c: – Now forwarding SIP/2006-b78016e0 to ‘Local/001650980XXXX@from-sip-external’ (thanks to SIP/voipcheap-08c888a0)

So adding promiscredir=yes in the peer outgoing section in freepbx fixed the problem… If anyone else finds that their Betamax/Finarea family of trunks is not working anymore.