3 way conf on new system

Greetings, my first post.

I just installed FreePBX with CentOS 6.2. I am using a Nortel 1535 phone. Also have a soft phone that I play with but it’s not usually running. Using 2 google voice trunks so far. Kind of a work in progress. It’s a semi-production pbx. That is, I use it myself during the day and play with it at night. I can recieve calls on either trunk and I can make calls. The trouble is, I can’t conference.

Symptom, I’ll be on an outgoing call, and I conf. The first outgoing is put on hold. I make the other outgoing call, it rings the person and they answers. Very quickly the first outgoing call is disconected before the conference can complete.

Observation, My phone always dials out the same GV trunk. I can change the priorities so it switches trunks but I always go out the same trunk that the initial call went out on.

This isn’t limited to a single trunk issue, I attempted a conf on an incomming call on the other trunk and it had the same sypmtom. I presume it came in on trunk 2, outgoing call went out on trunk 1 but the conference failed in the same way as the above symptom.

What I have done, I have set maximum number of channels on the trunk to 1 on both trunks. I have attempted unsucessfully to make a route access code work for the trunk 2. Removed and readded the trunks, outgoing route, and incomming route many times.

I’m really beside myself what else to do.