3 separate lines on cisco spa525g

I have been reading the forums and I see people with close to the same problem. I am very new at this whole “phone stuff”. I have a customer using a Cisco spa525g and they have 3 different numbers. They want the ability to see what line they are calling in.

If you are new to “phone stuff” why do you have clients and customers that are paying you to take care of their phones?

Can you rephrase that in English that makes sense?

If they simply want to know what channel the call arrived on you can prefix the caller ID.

Since you did not tell us what kind of lines, equipment, software versions or anything that would allow us to help you it is impossible to be more specific.

haha well i don’t have customers. I am helping somebody on my team with this problem.
there are 3 business’s in the one office and one phone system. i have separated the buttons on the phone as 3 lines. I would like each of the different phone numbers to goto the different lines. I hope this makes sense and thank you for your time.

the phone is a cisco spa525g.

What kind of phone system is it?


Ok, 20 questions, what kind of lines/trunks? The answer is different for SIP, IAX or a PRI or POTS lines. If PRI/POTS please specify vendor and DAHDI info (you can check in the Asterisk Info module/DAHDI tab).