3 different business hours

I know with the time conditions and groups I can do when matches and does not matches but what about when I need 3 conditions.

All calls to our main phone number need to route as follows:


M-F 9am to 5pm use IVR A
M-F 5pm to 9pm use IVR B
M-F 9pm to 8am use IVR C

Simple enough to do with time conditions. In IVR, set up your three IVR’s. Then, in time conditions, set up schedules and route accordingly.

Don’t forget in your scenario shown above, nothing gets answered between 8 am and 9am, or on weekends. Just sayin’.

If I have multiple time conditions how do I assign that to a single inbound route as its all using a single phone number.

inbound routes> Set Destination> Time conditions
How do I have to look to multiple time conditions?

Cascade one condition to another. “IF CONDITION 1 MATCHES, GO TO IVR 1, IF NOT GO TO CONDITION 2”

Where is the cascading option? I dont see that anywhere.

No “cascading” option.
You need to set if matches “IVR > IVR 1” if not “Time Conditions > Time Condition 2”

And so on…

You don’t.

It’s a cascade through the “doesn’t match” destination.

The way I did mine was as follows:

Business hours Mon, Tues, Thur, and Friday are 10am to 6pm

Business hours Wednesday is 10am to 4pm

Closed weekdays for lunch from 2pm to 3pm

Closed on weekends

The way mine is set up: I have one time group for business hours M - F 10am to 2pm daily and 3pm to 6pm on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri. It also has an entry for 3pm to 4pm on Wed. If time matches this it is sent to my queue and then to extensions.

If it does not match it goes to another Time group for Lunch Weekdays which is 2pm to 3pm Mon-Fri. If it matches this, then it is sent to an anouncement saying we are at lunch, then to VM.

If it doesnt match it goes to an IVR for after hours.

I know yours is a little different, but the flow is very similar. Hope this helps.

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