2nd NIC not showing up on FreePBX 14

I installed the FreePBX 14 Distro 1710-1 today as i need to install a new PBX at a remote office. I used the same hardware as the FreePBX 13 thats running at the office but the 2nd NIC will not show up. eth0 is there but not eth1. The machine has 2 onboard NICs and they both are enabled in the BIOS. Doing a ifconfig shows eth0 and lo and a lspci only shows 1 nic. Has anyone come across this problem? Any help would be appreciated.


you need to find the mac address of the second nic and then create a config file for the second nic. make it identical to the one for eth0 except that the mac address should be the new one and you should not have a gateway address.

then add a route to rc.d/local

Ok. I did that and it worked until i went into the GUI and assigned the static IPs to the interfaces then it rewrote the cfg files and now eth1 dosen’t show in GUI anymore just eth0. If I log into console it shows both cards but no IP for eth1.

I found what was causing eth1 not to show up in the GUI. The firewall had a virtual IP setup the same as the external IP of eth1. Once removed from the firewall and the network service restarted eth1 showed up. I found this out by doing a ifdown then ifup for eth1 and it told me that a MAC address was using the same IP.