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2nd Active Directory synced Directory

(Charlie Karam) #1

In an attempt to get around not being able to show only the users in the two groups or show the users in both user OUs, I am attempting to setup a second Active Directory synced directory pointing at the second user OU. I am unable to set it up as I keep getting a Missing Field error on pressing Submit.

(Charlie Karam) #2

I am unable to create any type of directory as I get the populate the missing fields error

(Andrew Nagy) #3

Show us the error.

(Charlie Karam) #4

I am unable to add a group without specifying a directory.
Cart before the horse problem?

(Andrew Nagy) #5

Works fine here. What browser are you using?

(Charlie Karam) #6

Brainfart…our default browser is IE11 (required by the automakers) which throws this error. I successfully created it in Chrome. Maybe a feature request to notify an idiot of using the wrong browser…
Thanks for the help

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