*280 day/night don't work

Hi everybody:
I am new to this Forum as well as the freepbx system.
I managed to install and have the pbx up and running, I would say mostly because of these forums, so thanks for all the post and valuable information from all of you.
What I would like to have working is the *280 control to force the close of the center.
I followed the instructions posted by Mr. Lindeheimer at his post
Using the Day/Night Control with a Time Condition.
And now I got kind of confused on how this should work since I dial from my extension *280 and I get a busy tone.
I went to the Feature Code Admin and checked out that the Day Night Mode
0 Force to Close *280 and
1 Day Night Control *281 are both enabled
At this point I am not sure where else to look to make it work.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.