24 Port ATA with Ground Start?

Anyone know of a 24-port ATA that supports Ground Start - GS Trunks?

Look to Carrier Access or Adit

For clarification, Carrier Access makes the Adit 600’s so it’s not an “or” thing. It’s look at Carrier Access’ Adit 600, which is a carrier grade/level solution that isn’t just FXS. It’s a 2U chassis that accepts multiple types of cards (T1, PRI, DS0, FXS, FXO). So while the Adit 600’s can be found for less than $300 USD they are used and may or may not have the actual cards or the right cards so the price could start to climb.

@posi211 Adtran 924e’s will support 24 ports and ground start. Audio Codes should do it, Digium and Sangoma may have some that can do what you are looking for. Granted Carrier Access will have equipment that will do what you want but their target base is not an office that just needs 24 ports.

Which way will the non-SIP be facing? The PBX or the carrier hand off(s)?

Can you configure the legacy PBX for loop start / kewlstart? Or get a T1 or VoIP card for it?

If you’re really stuck, take a look at https://www.voipsupply.com/adtran-netvanta-6240-24-fxs-2-fxo . Fricken expensive and EOL to boot.

If I was paying for 24 POTS lines, I’d be looking at a T1. A T would probably be cheaper. I forget where the “Tipping point” is, but I want to say it’s at like 12 or 13 lines.

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