2017-12 SNG7 Updates

I’ve just published a new ISO, with the release notes here:


The new hotness is that we’re now enabling G729 by default. If you install a new machine with the 1712 ISO (or newer), the open source G729 codec will be installed and activated. Note that this is only on a NEW install. If you’re upgrading, you’ll need to manually enable g729 by running the (hopefully, obviously named) ‘g729’ command, which will then let you enable it.

Saying that, G729 is old technology. It sounds bad, it uses a huge amount of CPU, and is only really useful if you’re using dialup, or other extremely limited bandwidth connections. If your internet connection is that slow, you have many other problems 8)

Please, use G722 or Opus! It’s much faster, it sounds better, and it handles packet loss much MUCH better.

Edit: I’ve had a report of someone NOT having the ‘g729’ command installed. Make sure the ‘sangoma-pbx’ RPM is up to date. If it’s not installed, run ‘yum -y install sangoma-pbx’. There’s a SLIGHT possibility that it may error with something like this:

error: unpacking of archive failed on file /etc/sangoma: cpio: rename 

That error ALWAYS means ‘delete the file mentioned, it’s wrong, and I can’t update it’. So just rm -rf /etc/sangoma and try again.


I will try Opus.
Is that narrowband 8kHz or wideband 16kHz and can that be adjusted anywhere (maybe even set to ultra wideband 32kHz)?

No. Purely because no-one’s written the code for it. Patches welcome 8)

I expect (and this is an unofficial guess) that those settings will arrive in the middle of the 14 release cycle. I’m certain they will be in 15.

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By the way, just fyi, I just installed that latest ISO and I am getting a tampered file warning:
Module: “Zulu”, File: “/var/www/html/admin/modules/zulu/node/package-lock.json altered”

fwconsole ma refreshsignatures
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Well Poot.

Don’t I have egg on my face! You are spot on, @avayax - that is an issue with 1712-1. I was doing some more testing with that ISO yesterday, and realised that I had somehow missed that!

I’m releasing 1712-2 now, which resolves that, and I just hope no-one notices. Let’s just keep it between you, me, and everyone else who reads the forums 8)


hi @xrobau
is in this version doesn’t support 3com 3c905B NIC?

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