[2010-07-07 15:19:35] NOTICE[15268] chan_zap.c: Fax detected, but no fax extension

I am using FPB 2.8 rc3. Asterisk 1.4.21 . I have installed the fax module, i have set 1 extension to receive faxes. It is an zap extension with a fax machine attached. My inbound route is set to detect faxes and send to the fax extension. But I get the Fax Detected but no fax extension? Did I miss something. Do I need to add to the dial plan?

Thanks for any and all help

If you are trying to detect the fax, then on the inbound route once you’ve chosen detection you need to choose the fax machine extension as the destination.

That should work, if not, something else is going on and a trace might help to determine what, as well as a snapshot of your inbound route dialplan for that route from the ext-did-* contexts.