200GB FULL log and climbing


We’re seeing massive Full logs for the last few days. Todays (and it’s 08:00 now) is at 200GB - we’re on the second log of today - and yesterdays was 150GB.

They are full of this being entered continuously;

[2014-03-06 08:12:28] VERBOSE[19943][C-000002b1] pbx.c: – Goto (sub-presencestate-display,s-,1)
[2014-03-06 08:12:28] WARNING[19943][C-000002b1] func_presencestate.c: PRESENCE_STATE unknown
[2014-03-06 08:12:28] VERBOSE[19943][C-000002b1] pbx.c: – Executing [s-@sub-presencestate-display:1] Goto(“SIP/104-0000064a”, “s-,1”) in new stack

We’ve swapped out ext 104 thinking it was the phone but even with a new phone we’re still seeing the issue in the logs.

Given that the phone appears to work fine, is there anything we can do to prevent that entry appearing in the log files?


Update your modules