2 way auth PJSIP TLS

Hi, i’m trying to test PJSIP TLS in FreePBX, i already set everything, but the point is that i can register without the need of the certificates by the client (crt and pem).

Below everything i have set up already:
Lets Encrypt and Self Signed certificates created in Certificate Management (both created because i tested using both, and none declined the register for not having a cert). LE set to default.
SIP Settings > Certificate Manager set to Lets Encrypt, SSL Method tlsv1_1, verify client and server yes.
In extension i set the media encryptation to SRTP and transport to TLS.

I’m using blink softphone configured to use tls only and SDES mandatory encriptation for media.

In this cenario, im able to register and do calls using TLS and SRTP without having a cert in softphone.

What i am doing wrong that my FreePBX does not validate the cert before accept the register?

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