2 telephones - 1 extension

Hi all,

Is it possible to have 2 seperate telephones act as 1 extension. I.e. When one phone is busy the other one cannot be used.


For out calls/outbound, straight out of the box, i don’t think you can do it.

For inbound, i guess a ring group would make sense (and easily done)

For outbound, i would write a custom context that will read the dev_state of the peer device before allowing a call…

where DEVICE_STATE=INUSE, condition true

then hangup () <-dont allow the call

or condition false

_.,n,Goto(from-internal,${EXTEN},1) <- allow the call

I think if you read the original post, kenn’s is the only one that will work. He wants two phones on the same extension. Doesn’t want two lines. Setting up a ring group will still allow phone B to be used for outgoing calls while phone A is in use.

Not sure why he would want such behavior. Before I make a suggestion, I’d like to see what he is trying to accomplish.

I’ve seen many cases where a FreePBX/Asterisk user is trying to emulate a legacy analog pbx…or maybe even something like a 1A key system (because that’s all the legacy system could do) where the Digital PBX can perform what they want as the end result much more efficiently.

For instance, do you have an analog card or ATA to connect analog devices to your Asterisk box ?

If you do not, and are using SIP only… then tm1000 is on the mark and you need to SIP devices. Maybe x-lite on a computer could serve as line two?

If you do have a card or ATA, it is still one call per line… So, I think the most you could do with kenn10’s advise is join a call already in process.

But, if you had a card or ATA with two FXS ports then you could do a ring group like the SIP devices or some two port ATA’s let you create a hunt group of the ports.

It is all in the details…

Or use two sip phones and create a ring group, put the two phones in that ring group and call the ring group “extension” number

Yes. Use an analog extension and wire the two phones in parallel. You currently cannot do this with a SIP phone on Asterisk.