2 sipstation accounts on one pbx

I have a customer who has to different companies on same office with one pbxact, he wants 2 different sipstation accounts one for company A another one for company B. My question is can i create 2 sipstation accounts and configure on one pbxact

Thank you

If sipstation only has a single POP, then there is not a lot you can do with separate accounts.

SIP sends calls to your IP and port specified. So inbound calls for both accounts would be needing to send the calls to the same IP and port. There is no way for the PBX to know where the call came from.

VoIP.ms is a good solution for this since you can choose what POP to route calls through.

For a basic SIP provider, SIP station is one of the more expensive choices anyway. Nothing against Sangoma, but flat rate calling plans are never a good deal for the customer. That is just a fact of math.

Sorry to disagree. There is nothing preventing two accounts from working on the same POP. It is the inbound route, not the trunk, that determines where incoming calls go.

Also I would not want to recommend voip.ms to anyone due to their ongoing and unacknowledged security breach.

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The whole pay per minute is cheaper is not always the case at all. It all depends on the customer.

Take our Clearly IP trunking. You pay 25.00 a channel if month to month or down to 18 a channel with a 3 year contract. That works out to .006 and .008 per minute and our reseller and partners get another 25% or more off of that.

You also get a free e911 with that call path which is another $1 to 2$ a month with other carriers plus unlimited inbound free SMS and free inbound CNAM on all inbound calls, where on your pay per minute plans you have to buy all of that separately.

With our trunking you can also burst beyond the call paths at a flat .009 per minute to US and Canada. Ya you can find cheaper per minute if you want but we only route with Tier 1 carriers and do not take garbage routes and pay a premium for that along with our triple redundancy system to eliminate downtime. We employ staff in the US and all support is done with Tier2 and Tier3 teams that actually understand FreePBX and Asterisk inside and out for 10 plus years along with our module that makes setup and a management real easy from FreePBX including managing all your DIDs, SMS routing into UCP and 911 location management at a per user level.

You have interesting numbers.

To make those rates, you are billing on 3,125 and 3,000 minutes in a month. That is a third of the actual working minutes for any month in 2020.

And unless I buy more than one line, I’m paying full retail at $0.009 for your “burst” rate anyway. VoIP.ms is not one of the best solutions out there for pricing. There are certainly more economical solutions, especially for partner programs. VoIP.ms is simply an easy retail per minute solution with public pricing.

So based on actual working minutes in a month, the rate for a single ClearlyIP trunk is this.

If I buy one of your trunks and use it for 10,000 minutes, one call at a time, in a month will you still charge only $18?

Oh, and does theat include inbound toll-free?

No our call paths like every company selling call path based trunking is for Normal Business Usage and no call centers or LCRs through a LCR system. Normal
Business usage is defined at 3k mins as a soft limit and if you exceed that you will get notified and we can block calls unless you also enable bursting. Some other providers don’t tell you what the some cap is and magically you get a huge multi hundred dollar fee/fine from them for violation or they just block calls. We decided to be transparent and list what our softcap is and what we define as normal business usage.

No Toll Free Inbound is per minute as it has hefty fees associated with it.

So, ultimately, eliminating any perceived BS,obfuscation or misdirection, the underlying cost from any provider is a minimum of ? for a commitment of ? (your answer here . . . )

(some hide behind a soft limit, some are more upfront, I currently expect less than 0.007/minute from any serious wholesaler in this market at a bare minimum)

And here is where you want to jump all over us like you always do. We are NOT a wholesaler. We sell to partners wanting high feature set they don’t get from others when paired with freepbx. Please don’t start FUD.

There was a time only recently when self promotion was frowned on here, if i remember correctly you were in the driving seat.

Please explain why you still consider yourself “us” :wink:


I am going to go back to ignoring you like most everyone else has for the past few years.

“US” being Clearly IP to answer your question.

Also this thread opened up promotion when others brought up carriers like VOIPms and talking about buying per minute only plans and me giving a different input and perspective as a now outsider.

Going back to the original thread. The simple answer is YES.
You can have 2 sipstation accounts running on single PBXact.

What you cannot do at the moment, is use the sipstation automation in FreePBX to configure
two sipstation trunks automatically. Thus, you would have to do it manually.

Thinking off the top of my head here, I wonder if sipstation trunk groups could help
reduce costs here. You can consider each trunk group as company A and company B and in this
case you would be able to stay with one account. Sipstation does not care if both trunk groups go to same IP. If you are interested, message me and I will get you in touch with Sangoma experts to work with you.

As for VoIP.ms and ClearlyIP, nothing against 3rd party providers they all have their pros and cons and as Tony said it does depend on reseller’s/customer requirements and technical knowhow.

VoIP Innovation is a Sangoma company that takes sip trunking to that next level Jared is talking about.
Either way, Sangoma can help, if not Sipstation then VoIP Innovations :slight_smile:

Best of luck.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more info.



Even if you do it manually, how would it know which trunk? The answer is it would not if both trunks are pointing back to IP:5060, as is typical. The calls will work, but the logs will show calls in on the wrong trunk for one of the two companies.

All carriers should work with multiple accounts as long as the inbound call is sent to a trunk with an unique IP:PORT combo.

Using pjsip trunks with line enabled may resolve that. But it doesn’t matter which trunk is logged as having received the call as long as the DID is received correctly.

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Are you sure the call will even be received as when the auth challenge is done from the trunking server and FreePBX sends the first username based on the first peer match on the IP it may not even match and validate. Atleast In Chan sip days this would not work.

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