2 SIP trunks, two ring groups, 2 extensions on one phone

I have two SIP trunks configured (001,002). two ring group configured (600,601) and 4 extensions configured (111, 211 on phone 1) and (114,214 on phone 2). I would like calls to trunk 1 to go to ring group 600 extensions 111 and 114, and calls to trunk 2 to go to ring group 601 extensions 211 and 214. Ring groups and extensions all work.
Currently when either trunk DIDs are called ring group 600 and extension 111, 114 ring.
PBX Firmware: 4.211.64-8
PBX Service Pack:

Thank, I will look into it

Normally the trunk context would be from-pstn and it would “just work”, some providers use e164 format and you should use from-pstn-e164-us (or a modified one if not in the US) some providers have the DID embedded in other SIP headers than “to:” that is a little harder to configure, so you will need to watch an inbound call to see what is being sent by your provider.

I do have the DID set on the inbound routes, and the sip trunks are linked to the Telco. where I appear to be failing is how to make the connection between the sip trunk and the inbound route.

Calls are generally routed by DID number not by trunk and then through your defined inbound routes

I did see the from-pstn-164e-us, however I do not know where to change from pstn. Also this is a SIP trunk, does the PSTN still play into it?

In the peer details of the trunk, you probably should spend some time in the wiki here, it answers most very basic questions.