2-second Call Pickup Delays

In the last few weeks, users on a 5-year-old installation are complaining of a 2-second answering delay on inbound and transferred calls; not all, but most, calls.

When a user picks up the phone to answer an inbound call (from outside or transferred to them), the green light on their D40s continues flashing for ~2 seconds, then the audio is established.

Asterisk 11.17.1
Digium D40s firmware 2.6.6
Spectrum PRI over fiber
Flat voice VLAN, no NAT

I don’t see anything odd in sip debug - any thoughts on what I should be looking for?


On my Cisco phones, it’s because the hook-switch assembly on the phone’s circuit board is dirty. If I take the phone apart and clean it, the problem goes away.

Just saying it might not be a FreePBX problem.

Thanks, Dave. I too have run into that before (users dropping handsets and dislodging the magnet). In this case, it began effecting all 80 phones at about the same time.

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