2 Queues - 2 different results for Queue Prefix

I have 2 queues: 9002 and 9100

They both have a CID Name Prefix. 9002 has “TOD” and 9100 has “WBH:”

When a call comes in on 9100, the CID shows like “WBH: 0400555000”

When a call comes in on 9002, the CID shows like: “TOD” and you have to go into the call details after the call has finished to be able to view the number.

How do I make the TOD CID Name Prefix show exactly like the WBH queue? The settings look exactly the same. At first, it was “ToD:” so I thought maybe it was too long or it didn’t like the “:” so I removed the “:” but that didn’t work. So I tried all capital letters like TOD instead of ToD but that didn’t work. I checked all other settings. Any ideas?

Please see attached screenshots of both queues.


It works as you describe, adding a “:” at the end should trigger it to work. I would make sure you are inputting it exactly the same (no extra spaces or anything like that), make sure you are applying config/reloading, make sure the queue is not being overridden somewhere in your dialplan, etc.

If it still doesn’t work, you might need to look to Sangoma or someone for additional assistance/support.

Thank you @comtech you are a genius! The WBH inbound route was going straight to the queue but the TOD inbound route was going via Time Conditions where it was leaving the number as blank. I’ll test this and report back my findings.

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