2 Problems. Get PSTN Line (from DAHDI). Noise in initiation receive call

Hi for all.
I have 2 problems in my setup.

  1. When in analog device (DAHDI) i press 0 and after some seconds i got tone from PSTN line.
    If i press 0#, is instantly .
    How i can insert 0# when user press only 0.

  2. When i receive a call, a disturbing noise occur. Is about 1-2 seconds only and the call is back to normal. What can be ?. When i made a call, it’s normal (no noise or echo).



Do you connect your analog device directly to the FXS card?

Thank you,

Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.

Yes. Is directly to the DAhDI device. Is a channel bank tdmoe.
I change the ethernet card from server with asterisk/freepbx because a problem with realtek cards (i fix the correct module to load, but not solve problem with echo, so i change the ethernet card, problem solved). Return to your question, if i testing using a ata or soft ip client, the problem with noise persists. About the problem with 0#, is ok if using ata or soft ip client (about the 0#, the problem is the conversion of analog to digital, a waiting time to keypress in key pad and this problem is only with analog device).

For problem 1. that is almost certainly because you have ambiguous outbound routes that start with 0, then you will need to wait for “digit timeout” (5 by default) or the “dial terminator” (#)

The TDMOE driver is not well supported by the FreePBX DAHDI helper module, so for problem 2. you will have to manually check that Echo-cancellation, clock source , timing, framing and codec are appropriately agreed on both ends of the link. Particularly the clock source, which probably should be the FreePBX box.