2 Pots 2 IVRS

hi, i am very new to the whole Voip and Freepbx systems so bare with me. I have been left with a Rhino box that has a DAHDI card on the back. Currently, there are 2 POTS lines going into the DAHDI card. THey are both set to the same inbound route and play an IVR whenever either Phone number is called, but now i need to seperate the 2 so I have 2 IVRS . One for our finance department and one for our social services office. Right now the IVR has options to contact both department, but now i need to seperate them . IDK where to start. DO i look at the dahdi channels ? the trunk settings? create a new inbound route, but how do i know which line is which… Im lost please help!

You need the module called, ZAP Channel DIDs or DAHDI Channel DIDs (depending on your FreePBX version). You can manually assign a DID to each of your analog channels and use that DID to structure two different inbound routes.

What inbound routes do you have defined at the moment?