2 phones to ring in different offices

Greetings all,

I am tying to get 2 phones to ring in different offices (same network) when a call comes in. When I try this only 1 of the phone rings. Is there any way of doing this, both phones are Gigasets and I am also trying to set up one of the function keys to show when the line is busy. There is a option for a thing called “BLF” not sure if this is relevant to what I want to do.

Any one to help me? – Thanks.



BLF = busy lamp field. Get the phones ringing first - but you can use custom dev state for the outbound route perhaps, below.

There are several ways to do this.
Either create a ring group or follow-me.

I have in the past created an outbound route for each extension and the pattern is usually 1600XXXXX

This way, your dialplan at office1 can reach the extension at office2 by dialing 1600XXXXX.

When creating a ring group, just add the 1600XXXXX to the list of members. (You may have to put 1600XXXXX# - hash on end to indicate external call)

At office2, set an inbound route for 1600XXXXX that goes to your desired extension.

Something like this works for a small number of systems really well.

If you do reporting on calls, you may want to do something different.

Give that a try,

Hi Cris,

Thanks for that and I like the dialplan you suggested – nice one, I will definitely use that.
I have tried “Ring groups and FollowMe”, and they work just fine, but it does not do exactly what I want to do.

I have 2 lines and I would like both lines to ring both extensions, however I would like to know when 1 or both lines/extensions are in use (busy) – I am using “Gigaset DE700 IP Pro Desk Phone” (2 of them). The phones do have 14 soft keys that can be configured to be a many things, the 2 that may be of interest me is “Line” & “BLF”. Regarding “BLF” it say in the manual “Enter the phone number of the shared line that is configured on the phone system as identifier”, not sure what that means, I wonder if I could enter the other extension number and it would show as say “Engage/in use”.

Any thoughts on that ?

Regards – Leigh