2 phones, same extension pjsip. Voicemail plays from other phone

First time setting up two phones on the same extension. PJSIP. Everything working right except for voicemail pickup. When the user attempts to play a voicemail from the phone it immediately starts playing on speaker from the second phone. I’m sure there is a setting to fix this but I can’t seem to find it.

FreePBX 13
Aastra 57i phones

It’s a known issue. Watch this ticket:

Well I guess I need to go back to chansip. Thanks

You can’t put two phones on the same extension in Chan-SIP. If you go back, you’re going back a long way, and you can separate the phones from each other in PJ-SIP using the same method you would to get Chan-SIP to work.

I created a feature request last year. https://support.sangoma.com/index.php?/Tickets/Ticket/View/859404

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