2 phones, 1 IP, blind transfer

I have Siemens Gigaset A580IP and Asterisk 2 phones is on 1 IP (IP address get base). If i transfer a call (with ##) from the first headphone to another, so the IP address of the occupied. I would like to hang, hold, and call for the release of IP call to establish. Is it possible to implement?

Are you trying to have two phones with the same IP address. That is both have, for example,


Command “sip show peers”:
21/21 D N A 5060 OK (104 ms)
11/11 D N A 5060 OK (104 ms)
Connections works. On both phones I connect them and occupancy. The problem is only in transfer.


You can’t have two devices on the network with the same IP address.

I’m really unsure what you’re trying to accomplish, but FreePBX is so flexible that I’m sure there is a configuration for it…