2 or more email destinations for voicemail

Hi all!

I wonder if it’s possible to send voicemail to differents emails. I’ve tried separating email adresses with “;” and “,”, but only is sent to the first adress.

Any idea?


Are you using the distro?

Yes, I do. Any idea?


The standard SMTP method of handling this situation is through aliases. If you are using the FreePBX distro then you have PostFix installed. In /etc there is a file named aliases. Read up on it (man aliases from the cli prompt) and the command newaliases (man newaliases).

I tried to edited al alias with 3 different email address, bute the problem is that freepbx does’nt allow local addresses. I got an error like “Please enter a valid email address”.

I would be good idea, but it’s not alowed on the pannel.

More ideas please?


I’ve finally got it in a bit weird way. Just editting voicemail.conf and chanching any email address to a created alias on /etc/aliases

I think it can work for me, but shuld be more elegant if aliases were allowed on the pannel.

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You should be able to use [email protected] or [email protected]

sorry Dicko, I don’t understand what you are saying. What do you mean?


Ok dicko,

Now I understand what you mean…

I put [email protected] and it’s alowed on freepbx, but I got an error when sent:

status=bounced (bad address syntax)


Editing voicemail.conf I get to send emails to different destinations, but I have a new problem.:frowning:

I have configured sMTP relay on postfix and edited /etc/postfix/generic file to rewrite then sebder email address whith the real one.

If just one email is sent without aliases, the email is sent correctly, but If I use an alias, the email is sent, but is rejected by meny email services because it seems to be sent to [email protected]

Any idea to solve this?