2 Incoming numbers

I need help setting up 2 numbers.
This is what i need.

Number 1 when called goes to GPN IVR

Number 2 when called goes to our GPO IVR

I have two numbers registered in the PBX.


Why would it be that when i put the DID number in the Route, it makes the number “not in service”

Watch the cli

asterisk -rvvv

perhaps what you think the DID is, is not what they are sending you.

And you should add a prophylactic “ANY-ANY” route so that you can catch the ones that are routed to you but aren’t in the right DID format.

Just a suggestion - I don’t like it when I get “No Service” messages that I can avoid.

Sorry, what do you mean by Watch the CLI?

Where would i check to see what the exact DID is?

In the log file /var/liog/asterisk/full. You can watch it from the console by logging in as root and using the command “tail -F /var/log/asterisk/full”.

You can also view the last 500 lines of the Asterisk logs from the “View Logs” option in the Reports(?) or Admin(?) tab.

Can i paste the Log here and see if someone can read it? I searched “DID” and i get a bunch of different numbers.

use “grep” to find something that looks like your DID in the logs.

“grep DIDNUMBER /var/log/asterisk/full” where DIDNUMBER is the last (say) 7 digits of the phone number you think you should be receiving. There should be one of them somewhere were the DID, as sent by your provider, gets displayed.

You should use putty to connect to your machine. From there you type asterisk -rvvv and you are connected to the asterisk cli.

Try to call the first number and in the first two lines you will see how your provider sends your number.
It will be in the FROM_DID variable.