2 freepbx servers on 2 different locations

Hi all,
I am a N00B to freepbx, and :
I’m trying to setup 2 freepbx servers on 2 different locations.
Location A (main office):
SIP trunk = Gtalk
EXT = 101 - 160
Analog lines (FXS/FXO)
Location B (second office):
SIP trunk = Gtalk (same account as A)
EXT = 161 - 180
Analog lines (FXS/FXO)

I need the 2 servers to have the same configurations

  1. If phone connected in A, and TFTP server A is down the phone will get config from B, and vice versa.
  2. I need to dial out (or get a call in) in location A there will not be any traffic between server A and B, and vice versa.
  3. If 1 server is offline, the other will take over

So every server is it’s one server, AND a backup server

Is this possible ?


anyone ?

Yes, you can do all of that, the replication will not be real time without integrating DB sync. Search for the article on High Availability.

You will have to do some dial plan trickery based on trunk state for the dialing to be seemless.

Take a look at an Asterisk handbook, the dial plan extensions are very powerful.

The reason your question went unanswered is because all of your questions could have been answered with a Google search.

Thanks for the reply,
I did search, but no luck…
I’m learning now Visual Dial Plan, it will take me some time…

Thanks again…