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I currently have a freepbx installed for our students use. It gives them each a phone in their rooms.
I am looking to put in a 2nd system for our office(they are still on a pots system) is there a way to have 2 freepbx on one internet network or would i need to get a 2nd internet/router to accomplixh this.
I am afraid to put the office and students on the the same freepbx I am sure I would miss a crossover somewhere and the office would not appreciate the students getting their calls somehow

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You can have multiple pbx’s on the same network. If you are doing SIP signaling thru the same NAT router for both, then you would need to choose different SIP signaling ports for each, as well as define a different, non-overlapping RTP range for each, with appropriate port forwards at the router/firewall.

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