2 extensions, same phone, same server

I have a remote asterisk/freepbx system that i am using for two different companies. I am using the custom context module to accomplish this.

I am wanting to setup my polycom ip330 with an extension for each company. That way i can setup a different ringer for the two and know which company is being called for. Anyway, I am having major issues though with my polycom ip330 phone and trying to get the second extension to register. Cant for the life of me get it to register. I am behind nat (server is remote). The polycom web gui is absolutely horrible, it doesnt even seem to want to submit data anymore (it appears to do it, but never completes, phone is rebooted, but no changes made). I the gui on the actual phone is very limited and i really havent figured out how to read all the scattered xml files for setting things up through tftpd. Any tips?

i have no idea what i did, but it finally worked after hours of trying different things and resetting/reformatting the phone. The settings still look exactly the way i originally entered them, but hey, whatever, its working. =)