2 digit speed dial not working on trixbox 2.2

i am having trouble getting speed dial to work when using 2 digit numbers. speed dial using 1 thru 9 work fine when i dial *0x (x= 1 thru 9). when i dial *010 or greater the system dials a speed dial number in the 1 thru 9 group. for instance in the case of speed dial *010, the system will dial the number associated with *01. am i missing something in my documentation?
thank you

just a guess - but check what Asterisk is really receiving. You may have a digit map (common in ATAs) that transmits only *XX so the 3rd digit is never being transmitted. You need to modify your phone’s digitmap/dialplan if that is the case.

same issue, and I am not using an ATA

I set this up using Trixbox 2.4 /Free PBX wth the Asterisk Phonebook Module but can only dial speed dial bins 1-9. Any ideas?

Realise this is an old post but thought I’d comment so anyone else experiencing the same problem can see a possible resolution.

Bhardwick is right, check the Dial Plan of your phone to make sure it allows for more than two digits after *. For example my SPA942 has this dial plan as default


I changed it to


Because we wanted to allow for 4 digit speed dials.

thanks Boovy,

that helped me no end :slight_smile:
I have now added an ‘x’ to the dialplan on my Linksys SPA942