2.9 Upgrade tool not working

I have a box with 2.8 on it and I get an error when I try to up grade to 2.9.

Please wait while module actions are performed

ERROR: freepbx_settings table must be removed before upgrading.
If you were running the contributed module 'amportalsetting’
it must be removed completely before proceeding.
If you previously upgraded to 2.9 and then went back, you must
assure the freepbx_settings table is not present to proceed.
Error(s) installing versionupgrade:
Failed to run installation scripts

This is a fresh installtion.

When you say “2.8” and “fresh Install” do you mean a FreePBX distro install?

What process are you using to update? What commands?

No commands involved just module update from GUI. The error is what GUI is telling me when I try to install 2.9 upgrade tool.