2.9 issue User Portal [Solved]

Asterisk FreePBX CentOS 5. When selecting User Portal (recordings Panel) I have several problems:
After sucessful login, the Voicemail is displayed ok but when I make any selection (page, Call Monitor, Follow Me, Feature Codes, Phone Features or Settings) I end back at the login screen. I login again and still back at the Voicemail page.
When I select a Voicemail to download I get a 404 file not found message.
When I select the speaker symbol I get a blank line appearing but nothing else.
Monitor and Voicemail recordings are in their default folders.
Due to the fact that I have googled this repetative login problem with no results I suspect a corrupt file or incorrect setting. I am hoping that if this is corrected, everything else will fall into place. Any Suggestions?
Note: This happened just after upgrading FreePBX from 2.8.

This is a permission issue. This has been talked about numerous times. You must of updated php. Need to make sure the php session file is owned by asterisk not root.