2.9 final or 2.9 beta upgrade?

I am running FreePBX 2.8 and I’ve used installed the 2.9 Upgrade Tool from Module Admin. The 2.9 Upgrade tool indicates that it is “Upgrade Tool 2.8.0beta1.0.” When I install it, the “2.9 Upgrade Tool” hyperlink appears as expected in the Admin section on the left side of the screen, but when I click on that link, it generates a web page that has in big red letters, “WARNING - YOU WILL BE UPGRADED TO VERSION 2.9.0 Beta”.

I am under the impression that the final 2.9 release has been completed, but the 2.9 Upgrade Tool appears to be doing an upgrade to a beta release instead. How can I upgrade to the 2.9 final release?


I have the same question

Somebody needs to update that text. Bottom line 2.9 is released and final, the upgrade tool always installs the latest tarball.

It was changed a while ago, but it was not published out. I have emailed Philippe about it ans it should be published shortly.

Thanks for the info. I knew that 2.9 was final but I did not want to use the updater and some how end up with a beta release on a production phone system for my IT company