2.9 beta

I am trying to upload route patterns to Outbound Routes from a CSV file. I am not sure if I am missing something and excuse me if I am being dense but after selecting the upload wizard and browsing for and setting the CSV file location and name I don’t see a submit button or other way to actually upload the file.


I just installed latest core. I tested CSV upload in Outbound Routes, it no longer complains when I submit but data does not populate. My CSV file works fine with the trunk module so I am assuming the file is OK.

PS - For some reason I could not locate the original ticket to comment.


I just uploaded updates to make sure I had what I published where I fixed this, I think uploaded a csv on both a new route and an existing route and both worked.

The CSV file needs to have 4 columns on routes unless you label the columns in which case I believe it can have less (can’t recall how strict I made it).

The only change wrt to this was the javascript check that was blocking it before. I now also check if you have ‘csv’ in that select box and if so even if empty I let you submit it, so the logic should remain the same.

Although I had four column headings, the data needs four columns and I only had three, once I added the fourth column it worked OK.

Strange it works with four headings and only three columns in the trunk module but needs all four columns in the Outgoing Routes Module.

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I think in both cases if you have more than 3/4 we ignore the others.

My thoughts when I designed that was that people would be maintaining these rules/patterns in a spreadsheet and someone might want to add meta data (comments) in their spreadsheet, which should not harm anything.

I guess if there are proper headings then we could allow less then the min and treat those as blank, feel free to file something to that affect if you want.

Raised ticket 4821

If I understand you correctly, you tried adding a route that has not patterns in the text boxes, but with an upload CSV file, and it complained.

If that is correctly please submit a bug ticket about that so we can make sure to attend to it.


Just to add to my last post I have tried this with the Trunk Module and selecting Submit Changes at the bottom causes the file to upload, however, when doing this on Outbound Routes a message comes up “No dial pattern, there must be at least one”.