2.8 Deprecated directory (OUCH)

Got a message that:
There are 1 IVRs that have the legacy Directory dialing enabled. This has been deprecated and will be removed from future releases. You should convert your IVRs to use the Directory module for this functionality and assign an IVR destination to a desired Directory. You can install the Directory module from the Online Module Repository

I then installed the module “Phonebook Directory” and it just did not work as I expected, at least it should do what the non module “Directory” would.
The old would speak whatever name the user had set on their email. the directory only spells one letter at a time from the ext name.

I am not a programer and could not figure out how to configure it to use the audio files from the email. More poking around to find that it was executing:
The old one uses:
I copied directory over pbdirectory and it worked as before, BUT on reload and updates it reloads the original from the modules directory.

I cant figure out what the diff is to make the module work or found reading material to do so.
Also lost the ability to select lookup on first and/or last name.

It is great to make modules but again deprecate a function replacing it with something that “apparently” does not work the same way or similar it hurts.

But I am sure I am the one that cant figure it out.
Ideas or a little help are appreciated.

you are using the wrong module.

I guess we need to make some way to clarify that.

The pbdirectory is an old module that lets you use your phonebook for internal dialing to dial out.

The new Company Directory is a new module that lets you define all your entries from extensions or custom entries. You can choose to have it play the voicemail recordings or other options.

Go download that module and have a look. If you run into issues you can bring them up here or file a ticket if appropriate.

Can you be a little more specific, please, I see a module called Directory from Schmoozecom.com no description available.
I also see one called “Phonebook” described as: "Provides a phonebook for FreePBX, it can be used as base for Caller ID Lookup and Speed Dial"
none called “Company Directory” Unless I am looking in the wrong place. I am looking in the Standard and extended repository.

the one called Directory

that is it. got it to work.
many thanks.