FreePBX admin module

Does anyone have this working. Running FreePBX version… Have tried several servers and do not seem to get anywhere even after changing the Amportal Authtype to DATABASE… Just trying to lock some people out from changing things not needed. Thank you!

Do you use PBX in a flash?

Yes, Is that an issue?

Probably as that distro have chosen to use http authentication instead of letting FreePBX do it. IMHO a very stupid move.

You have two approaches:

  1. Skip that distro and install our distro instead.

  2. Change the configuration
    (If your server is open to Internet on port 80 DON’T do this)
    Edit /etc/pbx/httpdconf/pbx.conf and remark out the "Password protect /var/www/html/admin section, all of it (7 lines). Then do service httpd restart.

Now you can use the Administrator module.

Let me recommend that you ask this question on the PIAF Forum and obtain a good explanation of why PIAF uses the Apache security mechanism before you make any dangerous changes in your current setup.

Ward, if you have a good explanation how to use the Administrator module in the piaf distro, please post it here.