2.7 update step by step

I am noob with freepbx. I would like to update it.
I have made clone of disk and do it on other computer so it’s safe. Till 2.10 update all is fine becouse 2.10 requires asterisk 1.8. How may I do it?

Install the latest Freepbx distro on another machine and migrate the settings over via this tool:

Hmm I have installed newset on other mashine. on the new I run:
curl -s #https://convert.freepbx.org | bash (# added to dont make link new user)
after this enter and got ID

But on the old one a have to run this:
curl --insecure #https://convert.freepbx.org | bash (# added to dont make link new user)

And after writing ID I get this error
Testing FreePBX functionality … Failed. Received ‘’ instead of 'OK’
Cleaning up…Done!

OMG this is something wrong with admin in /var/www/html/
i have found some older folder admin and put this files do admin folder and converter have started but have nothing to convert end finish at some error (html code), With this admin cant login to webgui.

So I have two admin folder. One cant start conversion but cant finish and second admin that webgui works but can start converter.
I dont know what was done since all this years. I didnt work here so long :slight_smile:

Which files should i copy or restore to get coverter to work?

I think that I have to do some updates for example 2.7 to 2.9 but I’ll do it on clonezilla disk to disk copy on other mashine to don’t crush this old 2.7 working mashine.

so i cant move config to new firmware. try few things and just stuck. without moving config to new one cant go forward.