2.7 module update may have broken some transfers

I haven’t put in a bug yet because I’m still trying to figure out if it was the update I did yesterday or it’s just my system for some other reason.

Updated Ring Groups module to which says it addresses http://www.freepbx.org/trac/ticket/4671 and adds Macro(hangupcall) where needed.

Since that update my transfers are dropping. The dialplan seems to be hanging up the call before attempting the transfer. In the logs I see the hangup then the initiation of the new leg for the transfer.

Still digging but just wanted to put this out there while I work at it in case anyone else has an “aha!”.

After patching using the small workaround listed in the bug report, Manager transfers are working fine. The problem was introduced in 1.4.38 so I’d recommend folks not upgrading past 1.4.37 until this one is straightened out. The bug is in 1.6.2.x and 1.8 also.

I’m surprised that this hasn’t been fixed in release code yet, because it seems like a pretty big deal.

Hmm, that does not sound right. Could you post a log of the part where it fails?


I had updated to Asterisk 1.4.38 a few days back and did not notice the issue until after I updated FreePBX a couple days later.

The bug appears to have shown up in November but I am not sure which version. I am doing all my transferring through the manager (including FOP) which is broken by the Asterisk bug. I’m going to try patching and see how it goes.