2.7 Error Message

Can anyone shed any light on this error message.

ERROR: Fax modules missing! Fax-related dialplan will NOT be generated! Please contact your vendor for more information.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You need to “purchase” a free fax license from Digium: http://store.digium.com/productview.php?product_code=804-00007

More info here: http://www.digium.com/en/products/software/faxforasterisk.php

Download installation manual here: http://docs.digium.com/FAX/fax_for_asterisk_admin_manual.pdf

or load spandsp/rxfax …

Thanks for the speedy responses. I will investigate both options.

so what were the results of your investigation? i am having the same issue now. I have downloaded my license (.lic) file from Digium and registered it, where it places the .lic file in /var/lib/asterisk/licenses/ and rebooted my box but I am still seeing this error.