2.6 Update: ARI Voicemail web interface no longer loads


I just updated to 2.6 b2, and ARI from “server_url.com/recordings” no longer loads…

[server_url.com is a place holder.]

Can it be reinstalled or reset?

Thank you.

that might be because it is url.com/recordings/

The URL was a place holder… i will update my post with a more obvious indentifier. Thank for trying to help.

Look at the second half… /recordings/ not /voicemail/ that was I trying to point out. Thanks for trying to help me help you…

Refresh, I corrected that when I corrected the URL before… Browser cacheing? But you are correct, I mis-typed to begin with.

I found the files the modules copies over, and recopied them. Now I get something, this error:


ARI does not appear to have access to the Asterisk Manager. ()
Check the ARI ‘main.conf.php’ configuration file to set the Asterisk Manager Account.
Check /etc/asterisk/manager.conf for a proper Asterisk Manager Account
make sure [general] enabled = yes and a ‘permit=’ line for localhost or the webserver.

I copied the ht_docs contents from /admin/modules/fw_ari to a new recordings folder. I them located the ‘main.conf.php’ from anouther server of mine and copied it to /recordings/includes/ and restored ARI. Thank you.