2.6.0RC2.1 Context for Static Agents in Queue

Asterisk 1.4.22. I recently upgraded to FreePBX 2.6.0 RC2.1. I just added a new static user to an existing queue and noticed that a “queue show” from the Asterisk CLI shows that the newly added agent has a different context than the ones previously in the list. In prior versions the context was “from-internal” but the context for all new static agents is “from-queue”. This has some unfortunate side effects, not the least of which is breaking FOP2.

I don’t know if this is by design or should be reported as a bug. Has anyone else seen this issue or can offer any insight?

It is a small bug. I have entered a ticket for it, #3896

Thank you for reporting it.

Thanks for the feedback. I took a look at the ticket. So, the discrepancy is in FOP and FreePBX 2.6 is written to use the “from-queue” context (I seem to remember some discussion of this being a fix related to hints). Is that correct?
Sound like I’ll also have to report the same issue to Nicolas for FOP2.

A bug is filed for FOP which will be looked at. But you imply there are other issues this is causing. Can you elaborate?

The change to “from-queue” was made to enhance the options of controlling how queue agents are called to give significantly improved and requested functionality. (Limit calls to just extensions, block Follow-Me/CF or any number). If there are other side effects, we would like to know about them.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that this would cause issues within FreePBX or Asterisk. The other issues I had in mind are at this end; I have a lot of scripts, function codes, and external processes used to control our queues and the ones used for logging agents on and off will have to be modified to accommodate the context change.